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Service Innovation Group is a globally operating group of companies for intelligent and customer-oriented solutions at the point of sale. For our customers, we turn every point of sale into a point of experience. Within our group, a powerful network of companies from sales, field and POS services as well as our group owned workforce management software enable us to work together for the maximum success of our customers.

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You have the project.
We implement it successfully.

SIG group of companies also makes your business and your brand sustainably more successful.

With innovative sales solutions and digitally networked structures, we efficiently and successfully manage the sales, marketing and service activities of our customers at every point of sale.

Intelligent concepts for planning and coordinating mobile teams in EMEA and beyond are the focus of our work.

In cooperation with associated companies and partners as well as through a close and growing network, more than 70,000 brand ambassadors are working for our clients worldwide. In this way, we also reliably cover  worldwide assignments and customer requests.

Our job is to understand our clients’ objectives and to provide our experience and expertise in advising, developing and implementing complex client projects.

Service Innovation Group. Helping you maximise your success at the point of sale since 1994.

Die SIG-Unternehmensgruppe macht auch Ihr Unternehmen und Ihre Marke nachhaltig erfolgreicher.
SIG Merchandising
Good POS trouch good merchandising

We turn every point of sale into a point of experience.

For more than 30 years, we have been reaching millions of shoppers and consumers for our clients. Our sales experts and brand ambassadors set sales trends, increase sales and they sustainably raise awareness of brands and services.

From sales-promoting individual activities to the implementation of maintenance and service orders to the complete takeover of field service teams, we promise and guarantee measurable quality in execution.

Have access to our skilled teams and people, and assign resource hungry tasks from your business to ours.

Our teams are flexible in planning, managing and delivering field based tasks quickly and efficiently, all supported by our digital networg – Celero One.

Regardless of the industry, we deliver the commissioned service in maximum quality, at the right time, at the right place.

Whether we are partnering for a global operating business or a local medium-sized business, our field sales experience means you can be assured of the same level of service through to delivery each and every time. 

In addition to a powerful field force, we use our own workforce management software to plan, control and evaluate all mobile resources and service teams in real time.

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Wir verbinden Menschen und Prozesse mit Hilfe modernster Technologien für Ihren Erfolg.
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Our ambition

By using state-of-the-art technology, we connect people and processes to deliver success.

Together with our customers, we continuously develop and optimise our products. To ensure that everything always fits perfectly with bespoked field sales solutions.

Produktentwicklung und Digitalisierung für Ihren Markenerfolg. Digitisation for your brand success.

About us


It’s easy to do great work when you believe in what you do. Our success proves this right. That’s why we engage ourselves for our clients – every day. The trust of our customers is our top priority. Our company is more than just a business, it is a passion.


We are always working on something new and innovative. Our focus is on achieving the best results for our customers. The interaction of experience, knowledge and the use of innovative technology form the basis for this.

Das Team von Service Innovation Group Ettlingen. Erfolgreich, zielstrebig und ein Innovationsbringer für Ihre Marke.
People enter into business relationships because they want to. Not because they have to. At the end of the day, it is the interpersonal relationship that makes the difference and determines the choice of business partner.


Each employee brings something different to the team, but there is one value we all share: the success of our clients at every point of experience! We never lose the pleasure of experimenting with new concepts and ideas. This means our customers are always one step ahead with us in the market.


People enter into business relationships because they want to. Not because they have to. At the end of the day, it is the interpersonal relationship that makes the difference and determines the choice of business partner. Our work is reliable, experienced and results-oriented. This is how we have earned the privilege of working with a multitude of fantastic clients over the long term.

Our power in digits

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Our brands

Our portfolio includes:

  • •  Taking over existing or setting up new sales structures
  • •  Sales to Consumer, Sales Force, Sales Merchandising
  • •  POS optimisation, POS maintenance, POS implementation
  • •  Execution of maintenance and service orders
  • •  Security concepts
  • •  Implementation of campaigns and product launches
  • •  IoT Services
  • •  Data collection for market research purposes
  • •  Mystery shopping, surveys and audits
  • •  SaaS workforce

You have a question?


Service Innovation Group is the leading service company in EMEA and beyond.

An internationally oriented management team and an optimised corporate structure guarantee our customers access to know-how, “state of the art” technology and far-reaching international contacts.

Through shareholdings and partners, we have a strong presence in all strategically important core markets and thus also reliably cover international projects.


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Ice hockey – a game that is as tough as it is fair. Fast, clever and uncompromising.

Where the only thing that counts is winning, tactics and playing strength have to match perfectly.

Tactics, accuracy of pass and speed of reaction also occupy key positions at Service Innovation Group. After all, if you want to perform successfully in a highly competitive market, it’s best to take an early lead.

This connection and, of course, the passion for ice hockey have allowed us to accompany ADLER Mannheim on their journey since they moved into the SAP Arena.

Service Innovation Group is a sponsor of Adler Mannheim
SAP Arena Mannheim in Germany

New York, Rio and Mannheim

The SAP Arena is one of the most modern sports and event locations in Europe and since its inception has not only been the venue for the home teams ADLER Mannheim and Rhein-Neckar-Loewen, but also an important tour stop for international artists.

As an official premium partner, Service Innovation Group supports this multi-functional arena that sets new standards and receives top ratings for service, reliability and competence.

Kariere bei Service Innovation Group
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Get a job that meets your Lifestyle

Work isn’t simply about earning a paycheck. It’s a way to pursue interesting professional challenges and seek new rewards.

Explore SIG career opportunities to find a European management job that is exciting, rewarding and flexible.

If you want to work for a company that offers job mobility, a strong growth potential and opportunities to really find the job that meets your lifestyle, join our SIG management team.

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